Lake City Team are Idaho’s premier sealer business. We have been supplying and delivering sealer to householders and industry alike, since 2012.

Prior to that, we have existed as a service since 2005.

Our company can be hired to seal driveways, pathways, sidewalks, parking lots, or anything that needs to be professionally seal coated.

With our fifteen-strong dedicated team of professionals, you can rely on us to seal your asphalt quickly and efficiently.

We take care of all aspects of asphalt sealing, including the cleaning of it and preparation.

Of course, we also lay driveways and other asphalt projects.

We will also maintain your driveway and property to the high standards that you expect of a professional outfit – and at a reasonable price that makes it possible for even the householder to hire the best.

Our website features many hints and tips, for the homeowner, to help them better undertake the job of laying and sealing a driveway for themselves.

We are happy to educate homeowners on the best way to do it themselves, because we know that not everyone can afford, nor needs the services of a professional. But also, because we are so often called to rectify situations where a job has been done really badly!

Sometimes, we are called to remedy driveways which a homeowner really shouldn’t have started to try and lay or seal for themselves.

That is why we began our valuable blog, explaining the do’s and don’t’s of seal coating a driveway, in layman’s terms. Because when a job goes bad, it ultimately ends up costing the homeowner twice as much as it would have done, if they had only hired us in the first place!

If you have a question about asphalt or seal coating and you can’t find it on our website, please use the contact us button below and we will try and help you!