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Seal Coating – The Basic Steps Explained

In our earlier blog we focused on the maintenance and preparation needed prior to applying seal coat onto your fresh, virgin asphalt driveway.

In this blog, we outline the basics of seal coating, for the beginner.

We will look at how to buy seal coating, the equipment and tools that you will need, including any machines you might need to hire.


The two most important things to think about when it comes to your decision to purchase seal coat is the amount of seal coat that your project needs, and the quality level you should be aiming for.

Naturally, you are going to want a quality product. Ways of checking that the seal coat you have purchased is the right stuff for the job is to look and see if it is described as being airport grade. If this is the case, then you can go ahead and order that sealer with no qualms.

The ingredient you should be looking for in a seal coat is coal tar, as this is what keeps out the oil, gas and water.

The area you need should be worked out into a square foot, which should then be given on the packaging of the sealer.

Do remember that if this is a first time seal project, or the driveway has seen a lot of action, you may need to apply the sealant twice, in two separate coats – and dry them in between applications.


You will need some asphalt seal coating, of course, having worked out the correct amount for the job. If you’re not sure, make sure to over buy and factor in the potential need for a double coating.

Then you will need some tape, to cordon off the area you are working on from anyone driving on it and if necessary also, pylons and saw horses.

Some tape and cardboard is also in order, for protecting anything that you don’t want coating with the sealer!

This could be for your sidewalk, garden, doorstep or any other areas that may get in the way of the spray!


May you need the services of an actual seal coating machine?

It is possible that if you have a smaller driveway you could seal coat the thing by hand, simply using a squeegee.

To find out more about hiring or buying a seal coating machine, see our handy guide.

For the next stage of how to use sealer, see the next in our blog series.


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